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is violating minimum wage standards here in the city. are you going to the airport by any chance? no. >> are you late? >> no, i am just trying to get around the traffic. >> you and everyone else. did you know there was a protest today? >> i saw it on the news. >> something you are living with? what do you think of holding a roast on the busiest travel day of the year at the airport? >>guest: i don't know what they are doing but if they doing that if a reason, it must be good. >> this, the union is claiming that they are violating the minimum wage standards here in the city and they are trying to but the up support for their point of view, blue they are pointing out, the workers are saying we voted you out as aentive at our company, and we don't want you back in and we are getting better wages now than we did. this is backed up for more than a while and a lot of people will miss flights because they are taking 90 minutes extra. >>eric: thank you. if he asked the guy in the ford pickup he who is gotten a different answer. now the other union threat, protests planned outside walmart sto
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at walmart stores across the country, stores in 100 cities being targeted. we are all over it with lauren at staten island mall and james at walmart dealing with the union protests in landover hills, maryland. we begin with james. >>reporter: brenda, good afternoon. there was a degree of the union presence and an instruction issued to the 400 protesters who were bussed in here today on charter buses not to talk to reporters. walmart store number 5129 manager, bobby williams, came out to confront the crowd, they had doing the talk for them a baptist minister of washington, dc, and walmart said only a small fraction of the 1.4 million strong united states workers walked off today. for this action in suburban maryland, five chartered buses came to the walmart parking lot at 8:30 a.m., claim willing that up to 30 employees of the walmart store were among the ranks a claim that could not be verified but the reverend jones said the united food and commercial workers union helped organize this action in collaboration with still other unions and that is a key issue of contention before the natio
temporary tax hikes? it is sold as "temporary" sales tax, but the city council vote add couple of weeks ago to put on march ballot another increase in the sales tax in california. they think if they tax us more less people will leave. the gentleman who ran proposition 32 in the state of california the end of this year is moving to texas. so you have people who are political operatives, you have people running for office when losingnd up going to texas as are jobs going there and industry going there. it seems they never learn. here is something you didn't hear from tom co le, the state of california has $100 billion train to nowhere that we are going to fund? >>neil: your dad when he was president had the famous compromise that called for raising some taxes but, but, but the offset was each side gave a little. >>guest: that was the negotiation. $3 in spending cuts to every dollar in new taxes sold to my father by bob dole, my father said okay, taxes wednesday up and my father is still waiting for the spending cuts to kick in since 2004. and a few years later george h.w. bush got in a compro
. or the city. >> walk in the streets here, the water is this high. i am wearing waders. >> i don't know what the people are doing patting themselves on their back. i got people on staten island and new jersey and long island, my son lost his house, people are living with no houses over their head, people on staten island crying their eyes out and they don't have water. just be real. these people need help. >> many on staten island say it is the forgotten borough. >> fed up. fed up. this line, that line, what are we in is this america? >> fema just arrived. >> don't have anything anywhere to go. no clothes. >> people still hurting. they still looking for people. >>neil: a lot of people without power. without homes. underwater there. >> government officials and our politicians want everyone to believe that everything is okay and everything is back to normal and the kids will be going back to school and life continues but on this block people are cleaning out basements and first floor with all the things they own. >>neil: seven years after this. eerie parallels, now, looking at this. now, heari
, gouge them at the pump? get ready for real road rage. >>neil: i am headed off to the city of angels. the ladies can't wait. >> so crazy it is here. >> my heart is pounding. >> he is a very nice man. a lot of fun. >> i am constantly amazed. >> i know the businessman and the famous names but i want to know what makes him tick. >> brilliance, baby, brilliance, i am coming to town, don't miss a special "your world" and we are back again at on fox business network, lawmakers in washington are pushing if tax hikes and we are going to be if california at highest tax state in the nation to see what the tax hikes might do with a lot of special guests and if you notice they changed the sign too. italian americans unite. >> talk of a gasoline tax hike that has steve moore say washington is adding fuel to the fire but i heard it and i thought it could not be so but there is a real chance. >> i wish i were the chip magnet that you are. >>neil: it is a burden to carry but i try. >>guest: they are talking about a gas tax throwing out automatic sorts of revenue proposal and i listened to your inter
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6